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Surfaces, Design & Protection


Printing on Silicone, Plastic and Polyform Surfaces

Bringing any kind of artwork, legends or full surface, by using printing is a very cost effective way and gives you the highest design flexibility.

Almost every color or design can be applied to the surface using silk screen printing or ink filled printing.

Using our printing services in combination with SealPlast protective coating assures longest possible product lifetime for silicone surfaces.

Contact our local engineering office to get the support you need to combine printing and decorative artwork with night design, laser etching, lighting, light guiding or shielding.






Using laser etching in combination with SealPlast
protective coating assures longest possible product lifetime.


Without some sort of coating (protection), the silkscreen printing and spray paint layers can wear off with use and over time. The coatings help protect the legends by providing a seamless, clear layer over the paint. Abatek provides different types of coatings available for various industries. For most applications Abatek recommends coatings in a matt finish. 

Abatek offers a wide range of coatings for silicone and plastic parts, depending on the use of the application or environment the application is exposed.  We coat and protect your part with any RAL color in professional state of the art coating lines.

SealPlast coating for silicone surfaces

Used primarily in the automotive industry for maximum wear resistance, this exclusive Abatek technology requires the key webs to be masked so as to no affect the actuation forces. It is even used in outdoor applications. Helps protect the coating, spray paint and silicone for yellowing while giving best surface abrasion resistance.

  • SealPlast - best in the market coating
  • high quality finishing coating for all surfaced and raised silicone parts
  • glossy or matt appearance available
  • highest abrasion resistance
  • highest UV protection
  • antistatic
  • protection against oil and chemicals
  • lower friction
  • easy to clean
  • approved by automotive since > 10 years
  • applied to millions of keypads

Silicone coating

standard coating used in a variety of applications. This coating offers a great performance to cost ratio.

  • protects the silicone against abrasion, but performance well below SealPlast
  • gives a soft touch
  • price effective
  • protects the entire surface of the keypad, including the membrane and the base
  • matt only

Epoxy coating

Very thick and glossy coating applied to keytops to make them appear plastic like. While Epoxy is extremely durable, it is also expensive as it must be applied by hand and yields a high scrap rate.

  • applied on the key top only
  • glossy only
  • very high protection against abrasion
  • lower friction

UV coating for plastics

  • highest UV protection
  • protects the print / artwork on the plastic surface
  • high abrasion resistance


Laser Etching

Laser etching gives you a high design flexibility and saves costs for plastics. It allows you to create a night design on your silicone surface.  With a dozen laser stations Abatek etches legends and artwork in up to 3 layers and colors for silicone.

laser-etching1 laser-etching2
Night design with “white and black” Mulitcolor Laser etching

Plastic Surface

Abatek is moulding the full range of plastic as PC, ABS, PE, etc. mainly used as plastic caps in combination with silicone keypads as sub-assembly. The surface of the plastic is available high-polished, eroded, chrome plated, printed, UV-coated, epoxy enhanced, electroplated and any other surface.



SoftPlast Technology

A unique new technology that enables surfaced buttons to feel hard, but are softer than plastic. Keypads are made in one piece and thus protects your electronics. Very cost efficient and robust solution to cover silicone keypads for short stroke applications.

The SoftPlast Technology has long life cycles, an excellent resistance against abrasion, UV and sweat.

softplast1  softplast2  

SoftPlast, initially developed for high volume applications with challenging requirements like smartphones and other consumer electronics. Meanwhile this technology is applied in other industries like white goods and instrumentation.

Using this technology saves costs on expensive plastic tooling.



Metal Surface

metal-surfaces1Surface made with real metal, enhanced with an anti-finger-print-coating. Almost every finishing can be made like polished, brushed, embossed or colored.

It is a flat and stylish keypad solution with very good tactile characteristics and life cycles. Optional features like backlighting, SC-contacts or capacitive functions can be added. Please contact our local engineering team to get the full design support.



Polyform Keypad / Surface

polyform-keypadThe Polyform is the next generation of membrane switches. It is a closed IP 67 surface with the highest design freedom. Any shape, surface structure of, color. Raised buttons from the surfaces, according to your design ideas.

Polyform is an end-game technology, very thin and it is flexible layered and modular concept. It gives you the full freedom for lighting or tactile feedback. Polyform can be combined with our capacitive solutions.

Your imagination is the limit.


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