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Silicone Moldingtechnologies_siliconemoulding

Silicone keypads are made using compression molds. Compression molds have a bottom half and top half, resembling waffle irons. 

First the mixed raw silicone material is cut into precisely cut slabs.


Next the material is laid in the mold. Pressure, heat and time are used to transform the material to the shape of the cavity.

The parts are removed from the tool, flash is hand torn, and then the parts are post-cured to remove any residual catalyst material.

Please learn more details about silicone compression molding in our Design Guide.


Insert & Flow Molding

Should you need multiple colors on a keypad, or harder keytops (dual durometer), Abatek provides two alternative molding techniques to help expand the color range of your keypad without needing a secondary painting process.

Flow Molding

Many keypad designs require multiple colors. Compression molding allows for different colored silicones to be molded together at the same time. This is called flow molding.02molding_IMG0015_001

The first step in the flow molding process is to make two or more silicone mixtures. The silicone mixtures are of different colors, but of the same durometer. The mixtures are cut and strategically placed in the mold. During the vulcanization process, the silicone materials will flow and bond together, molding into a single keypad.
The flow molding process is a relatively low cost way of adding color to a keypad. Compared to a single color keypad, the process changes only include additional silicone mixtures and additional silicone placement in the main mold. There are no additional tooling costs


Insert Molding

The silicone hardness needed for keypad webs is fairly soft (about 50 Shore A). For customer requiring keys with a harder Durometer, insert molding can be used. In addition, insert molded keys can be made in different colors.02molding_IMG0016_001

First the "inserts" are molded in a separate tool. The inserts must be molded out of a harder durometer than the main part. Once the inserts are molded, they are placed in a special insertion jig. The insertion jig is used to push the inserts into the main tool.

From there, normal molding takes place and the silicone material in the tool will bond and permanently vulcanize to the inserts. All conductive pills are insert molded.

The inserts will provide a clean line without any bleeding.




Being a leading supplier and marketer for technical silicone products like keypads, connectors, seals, covers and formed parts for over 25 years and with over 2’000 successful projects, silicone material is at the core of our company.

Silicone has amazing properties like:

  • Wide temperature range (-40 to +90 °C)
  • ElasticityCompression set
  • Freedom in shapes
  • Coloring and secondary processes
  • Life cycles
  • Base for superior contacts in electronics

Abatek uses high grade HTV silicone materials from carefully selected suppliers only. Tools are designed and produced in-house and then run on state of the art compression molding machines. This enables seamless production and confidentiality for your projects.

Process and services:

  • Design support to best cost-performance-quality
  • Tooling Compression molding
  • Quality assurance through unique semi-automated test equipment to ensure consistent high quality

Wide range of secondary processes:

- Printing
- Coating (Colors or protective coating)
- Laser Etching
- Assembly

kypd cvr connec sassy seal formedparts
Keypad Cover Connector Silicone Assembly Seal Formed parts

With the extensive know-how and experience of materials and applications using technical silicone, Abatek is your best partner from design to fulfilment for all technical silicone parts. In addition Abatek provides clear USP for you in the areas of contacts and surface parts.

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Design Guide

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Design guide for silicone keypads


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