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“High volumes, highest quality, fastest processing, lowest prices.” This is what the market is demanding for. This is the reason why Abatek took the lead to optimize the products, processes and at the end of the day to lower the costs for our customers.

smt-ab-rolleAbatek has invented an automated keypad generation which can be assembled on SMT, packed in a tape and reel, reflow soldered on the PCB. No manual assembling, no human interaction. Up to 24’000 keys per hour without any additional assembling costs.

Saving costs starts already in the prototyping stage. Abatek offers a unique customized prototyping program* which allows the customer to get their individual built keys within 7 days for a fractional amount what a standard prototype tool usually costs. Not even internal costs like drawings or 3D’s are necessary, simply use our online tool and enter the characteristics of your switch – we do all the rest.

Matured products like classic silicone keypads, which are usually and typically assembled manually can be process in a more cost effective way. Abatek is running a state-of-the-art Assembly-Line for manual or semi-automated assembly work.


Contact the local engineering office to get your keypad projects optimized for the today’s cost pressure.

Example of a total HMI-solution: IMD keypad, optimized lighting and tactile feel, ultrasonic welded, water resistant according to IP 67:




In addition to the high level of in-house component production of plastics, metal and rubber, Abatek provides assembly services for the sub modules or entire assemblies. The service ranges from design support, over assembly to final testing and delivery. Electronics (passive components only), cables, connectors is usually either sourced from Abatek trusted partners or provided by customer.

Experience in:

  • Plastics - Plasticsciena
  • Plastics - Rubber / Elastomere
  • Plastic - Rubber - Electronics
  • Metal - Metal
  • Metal - Plastics
  • Metal - Plastics - Rubber
  • Metal - Plastics - Rubber - Electronics




Assembly lines can be set-up for your sub-assemblies. Most of the assembly work Abatek is realising is making sub-assemblies, typically plastic caps with silicone keypads (with our without PCB) for an easier and cost effective processing on the customers side.

subassembly1  subassembly2


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Visit our design guide website:
Design guide for silicone keypads


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