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Electrical Switching & Contact Technologieselektrswitching

Electical switching or contact technologies includes the following three categories: Contact Pills / Mechanical Domes / Connectors

Contact Pills

The most important property of a contact pill is its contact resistance and reliability. In addition to offering standard contact pills is Abatek's invention of the new “global automotive standard” contact – the SC-contacts.

Contact resistance


The contact resistance of a contact pill is dependent on the following factors:

  • Type of contact pill
  • Contact pill size
  • Contact pressure: resulting force between contact pill and PCB
  • PCB contact material and shape

Contact pill resistance

SC-Technology or (SC-L and SC-M Pills) are strongly recommended instead of Gold- or Low Resistance Pills. The SC-Technology is the today’s best choice to realize low resistance (< 1 Ohm) switch solutions.

SC-Technology offers the best price-performance ration for a very robust contact pill technology against defects/dirt with very low contact resistance. It is the perfect contact pill for all non-sealed PCB's. It combats dust and humidity, and is very robust for rotational actuation - due to its highly conductive and soft & flexible surface.

Contact pills are mainly applied in silicone keypads, and are long stroke applications.

SC-Contact Pills is the “state-of-the-art” contact technology in the automotive industry.

Abatek supports customers with the PCB trace layout to make your application robust and cost efficient.

Mechanical Domes

mechanical-domesMechanical Domes, like Polydomes or Metal Domes, are mainly applied in short stroke applications in combination with a carrier foil like PC-sheets with adhesive layers (Dome Array). Typically with a stroke of 0.3-0.5 mm and a contact resistance of < 1 Ohm or < 100 Ohm, depending on the plating material.

Metal Domes are available in different sizes, shapes, different leg-designs with and without holes for lighting. They are typically plated with Ni or Ag. They have very stable force, a distinctive contact technology with a very good tactile feel and an excellent life cycle (> 1 million actuations).

The perfect combination of all advantages of a metal dome and the advantages of silicone keypad is our proprietary ClickPad Technology. A metal dome directly integrated into a silicone dome without any kind of carrier foil, adhesive tapes or any other additional elements.








connectorA connector or zebra stripe, is an electrical connection between two elements like i.e. PCB-PCB or PCB-LCD. Connectors are usually low current, and are available in different sizes and types, known as T-Type, TS-Type and TG-Type.

Connectors are a cost-effective alternative to Crimp- or IDC or hard wiring connections. Connectors are made of layers of conductive and non-conductive silicones. It allows you to make a connection simply by compression, and it also allows you to compensate tolerances in your assembly.


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