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SMT Silicone Key - The automated keypad


Revolutionizing the switch world - the latest innovation in the world of prototyping and automated assembly. We've invented the SMT Silicone Key, the Industry's first, giving you complete control over your finished products without the need for tooling.


Enter the industrialized age with machine placeable and Pb-free reflow soldering of long stroke silicone keys that are tailored to your needs!

What it is?

The only Silicone Key which can be used automated on SMT machines. It's the industrialization of silicone keypads and the perfect substitute to common tact switches!

Customized long stroke silicone key, assembly automated, SMT on tape & reel, and reflow soldering. Easy and fast ordering without a drawing.

SMT Silicone Keys offer all the advantages of regular keypads (decorative surface, coatings, printings, lighting, etc.). SMT Silicone Keys are available with the robust SC contact pill technology too.

The SMT Silicone Key is also available with a capacitive function, due to conductive silicone.

For all "Stand by" or "Sleep & Wake" functions in automotive applications, computing devices, consumer & white goods. A capacitive SMT Silicone Key is a key with a double function, which can be applied as a conductive spring or a connector.

A superior and cost effective alternative to all applications utilizing micro switches




Main Advantages

  • Customized long stroke keys 
  • Fully automated SMT assembly
  • > 1'000'000 customization options
  • Easy ordering thru internet
  • no drawing necessary
  • Get customized prototypes within 7 days w/o tooling costs
  • Easily optimize your design/assembly
  • No tooling costs

Key Tech Data                              

  • Stroke             0.8 mm - 1.8 mm
  • Key Height       3.5 mm - 7.5 mm
  • Key Diameter   from 3.0 mm
  • Actuating force 0.5 N -5.0 N
  • Snap                10%-70%
  • Life Cycle         20K - 500K
  • Contact resist.  <1,5 or 100 Ω

What you customize?

Our SMT Silicone Key can be ordered with a variety of different options. You select key parameters to make your key as indvidual as your product. The main parameters for customized prototypes are actuation force, snap, key height, stroke, contact resistance and material. For serial production parts you can further define shape, diameters, etc.

Abatek's unique Fast Prototyping Program

We produce and ship customized prototypes to you within 7 days! Please check out our unique prototyping program. Regardless if you plan to work with SMT Silicone Keys or if you intend to use standard silicone keypads.


Abatek Group - Creating Input Solutions

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Design Guide

Visit our design guide website:
Design guide for silicone keypads


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