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polyform Keypads - Next generation surface technology

The Polyform keypad is the next generation of surface technology. It is a closed and waterproof surface, giving you
 the design freedom beyond your imagination.
Any shape, surface structure or color. Glossy, chrome, matt, even brushed metal appearance is possible.
Polyform is a flexible layered solution giving you all the options for:
  • Surface structure - any shape like ribs, concave or convex areas, sharp or round edges, slopes, hair lines, etc. are realizable (VERY UNIQUE!). With Polyform you have the only Membrane switch that can guide the finger with the surface structure!!
  • Virtually any color, incl. metallic or chrome
  • Surface finish - even partial: Matt, glossy or any other texture. 
  • Back-lighting or function lighting, e.g. partial back-lighting and clear areas for functional LED indicators or screens. 
Even with backlighting, backprinting and coating, it is still the slimmest keypad on the market with a tactile feedback.
Replacing all redesings of membrane switchtes. For all thin consumer applications, mobile phones, handheld devices or medical applications, where a closed surface for disinfection is needed. 

Almost all HMI/MMI applications where tactile feeling, reliability, design and protection are necessary, will benefit from Polyform.



Main AdvantagesPolyform_texas_cut

  • Very thin, but full desing options
  • Free desing of surface (glossy, matt, ribs, circles, hair lines)
  • Free on colors / printing
  • Abrasion resistant, due to backprinting
  • Very modular concept
  • Backlighting with Light Guiding sheet EL-foil or LED possible







Abatek Group - Creating Input Solutions

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