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P3D - Polyform 3D - High quality input surface

Abatek International AG has designed a new input surface, Polyform 3D, that aims to create a three-dimensionally shaped panel geometry with integrated control and display elements and a high-quality polyurethane (PUR) surface to produce a closed input surface with controls/buttons have a tactile feedback, which is important not only for the operator’s safety.


High Quality Surface

•    Tactile (illuminated) keys
•    Integrated (touch) display
•    100% water proof
•    Self healing & resistant
•    Matt & glossy surface combinations
•    Water proof
•    Easy to clean
•    No bacteria
•    Matt
•    Glossy
•    Depth effect
•    3D embossed keys, logos,etc
•    Flat keys













Display Area can be structured to prevent

•    glare effect
•    rainbow colors
•    polarization effect

Touch function can be integrated


•    LED's
•    Day/Night illumination
•    Dead front design












Design sketch (left) and technical implementation with Polyform 3D technology (right)

Instead of using many individual keys, it is the goal of this technology to establish a closed, three-dimensional sculpted hood with integrated control and display elements. This minimizes the number of components and thus lowering the resulting costs or investments.
A high-quality surface is achieved by coating with polyurethane. The polyurethane is a thermoset plastic that has a viscosity 1000 times lower, then other thermoplastics. This creates very thin surface layers and the impression of more robust structures, significantly increasing the design freedom. Still, the material properties can be varied in a wide range to adjust the transparency, the gloss and the feel of the surface.

The applications for such input surfaces are very versatile, for example 

• Center console of cars with integrated buttons and displays
• Steering wheel, door panel, or car keys with integrated buttons
• Controls for medical devices
• Controls for household appliances such as coffee makers, dishwashers, cooker, etc.
• Computer mice
• Game consoles
• etc.






Abatek International AG has extensive knowledge of the market (customer needs) and extensive experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of input surfaces. This includes the tactile feel of the keys, the back lights, the laser etching of symbols, and producing printed flexible films.


Abatek Group - Creating Input Solutions

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