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Light Guide Film or -Sheet - smart and cost efficient light guiding

The need for energy- and cost optimization with improved light distribtion is now possible through the Light Guide Films or -Sheets. Reduce the number of LEDs while increasing the light appearance. img_0818

Use the Light Guide Film (LGF) or Light Guide Sheet (LGS) for Keypad or LCD backlighting. The special design allows for lighting only where needed. The Abatek solution allows for uniform distribution of light regardless of distance from LED's. It also allows segmentations of areas to avoid light leakage between areas or colors. 

- Light Guide Film (LGF) is ultra thin for very slim solutions and can even be placed directly over metal domes. 

- Light Guide Sheet (LGS) is only 1 mm thick and based on advanced silicone technology. LGS has better light transmission than LGF and is a better alternative compared to traditional Polycarbonate light guides. Thinner but with excellent light transmission, targeted light exit spots and perfect for segmentation through light barriers. Last but not least more cost efficient. 

LGF products are widely used in Telecom, Medical and Instrumention.  LGS is relatively new but growing fast due to superior overall performance. 

Abatek supports you to find the ideal light solution for back-lighting or functional lighting.

Cost- and energy efficiency with high flexibility is taken to a new dimension! 

Main Advantages

  • Ultra-thin (.125 - .30 mm thick) for LGF
  • Thickness 1.0 mm for LGS
  • Very cost effective (tooling and parts)
  • Uses up to 70% fewer LED's than traditional backlighting
  • Less LED's = Less Power Consumption
  • Less LED's = Less Heat
  • Extremely flexible design
  • Replaces expensive EL Foils and Fiber-Optic sheets

Possible Applications

  • Mobile phones
  • Consumer applications (thin)
  • Any modular application
  • Closed Surface applications 
  • (e.g. Medical, doors, )
  • Illuminated Logos
  • LCD Backlighting

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